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Iaido - The Art Of The Sword Of The Samurai
There   is   no   limitation   of   age   to   learn   and   practice   Iaido   -   everything   is   possible   and   everybody   is   welcome.   Iakdo   is   a perfect   balance   for   mind   and   body   in   todays‘   busy   world   and   connects   characteristics   such   as   concentration, endurance   and   body   control.   Iaido   is   a   traditional,   centuries   old   Japanese   Martial Arts   and   means   „the   art   of   drawing a   sword“.   Iaido   is   one   of   the   great   Martial   Arts   in   Japan.   Samurai   have   continually   optimized   these   sword   fighting techniques in the Middle Ages to achieve fluent and perfect motion sequences. The   main   goal   is   to   quickly   draw   the   sword   and   to   use   the   sword   as   weapon   in   order   to   respond   to   a   sudden   attack   of an   opponent.   These   techniques   have   been   taught   since   generations   and   handed   down.   This   way   this   old   japanese Martial Art could be preserved until today. During   an   Iaido   training   lesson   are   motion   sequences   (Japanese   „Kata“)   taught.   There   is   no   direct   contact   to   an opponent.   These   sequences   simulate   a   real   combat   situation.   These   sequences   have   to   be   trained   repeatedly   so that the Iaido-Ka can achieve more complex levels with the goal to perfect all these sequences. The   Iaido-Ka   starts   the   lessons   with   a   wooden   sword   (Japanese   „Bokken“).   At   a   later   point   of   her/his   development the   Iaido-Ka   is   allowed   to   use   a   training   sword   (Japanese   „Iaito“).   This   sword   is   made   of   light   alloy   and   is   blunt.   It resembles in form and look a Samurai sword (Japanese „Katana“). Test trainings are possible anytime upon consultation. You can find our contact details under „Contact“. The annual fees for the Iaido school are CHF 400.00. A start with training is anytime possible.