Do   you   have   the   desire   to   participate   in   a   terrific   sport   that   meets   your   individual   needs?   Wouldn’t   it   be   great   if   this training   also   improved   your   mental   fitness?   Karate   offers   both   in   one   type   of   training.   Karate   is   the   perfect   balance   to a hectic daily life. Body and soul are being strengthened and stay fit for the daily challenges. Physical: Speed of reaction Flexibility Power Co-ordination / skill Stamina Body control Posture Balance Circulation This leads to an attitude strong in concentration and more relaxed in everyday life. Mental: Focused thought Power of concentration Self-confidence / self-esteem Assertiveness Will power Circulation Sense of time These mental aspects especially help teenagers to assert themselves in the adult world. Karate   is   perfect   for   young   and   not   so   young   people.   There   is   no   age   limit   at   the   top.   It   is   never   too   late   to   start   with this   fascinating   martial   art.   There   are   many   students   who   are   40+   and   train   regularly.   Physical   vitality   and   active   self- confidence are the Alpha and Omega in life. This way you stay young and boost your fitness.   Our   Karate   school   is   very   open-minded   and   international.   We   make   it   possible   for   our   students   to   train   with   people from all over the world. Seishinkai has Dojos in many countries.   We   do   not   participate   in   competitive   sports   as   we   train   Karate   in   its   original   form   without   any   hindering   restrictions and   rules   of   action.   The   goal   is   not   to   beat   someone   but   to   prevent   a   fight.   We   have   a   pleasant   atmosphere   in   our trainings   facilities.   Our   training   methods   are   traditional   and   efficient,   providing   the   tools   for   our   students   to   practice this martial art for a lifetime.   Last   but   not   least   there   is   the   social   aspect.   Despite   the   fact   that   Karate   is   not   a   team   sport   we   are   keen   on   sociability and companionability in order to keep the team spirit strong.