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Registration For Beginner Course
Joining   the   Karate   school   is   possible   at   any   time.   If   you   are   interested   in   a   trial   training   or   just   want   to   watch   a training   session,   please   do   not   hesitate   to   visit   us   without   any   commitment   and   for   free.   Should   you   wish   to participate   in   a   training   lesson,   just   bring   along   sweat/track   pants   and   a   t-shirt   (there   are   changing   rooms   and showers   available).   We   would   be   pleased   if   you   could   let   us   know   in   advance   when   you   would   like   to   participate   so we   can   better   prepare   and   serve   you.   Please   arrive   15   minutes   prior   to   training   start   so   that   we   can   have   a   quick introductory   conversation.   Our   training   schedules   and   places   can   be   found   under   “Training”,   respectively   “Training Facilities”. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us (see Contact ). Duration of course Six months Prices Children up until age 13 years CHF 300.00 - Course only CHF 350.00 - Course and Gi (Karate suit) Teenagers 14 years and older & adults CHF 350.00 - Course only CHF 400.00 - Course and Gi (Karate suit) Important We also offer the possibility that parents can train with their children (mother & daughter, father & son etc.). Family discounts beginning with two persons are available on request. Registration Please find here  the registration form in PDF form.