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Training Plan
This is the current version of the Training Plan  in PDF format. In   the   column   Spezial”   there   are   numbers,   which   are   a   link   to   the   explanation   in   the   lower   part   of   the   training   plan. The   field   Spezial”   indicates   that   there   is   a   special   event   in   a   week,   which   does   not   take   place   during   the   normal training hours. It   might   be   that   the   training   plan   needs   to   be   adjusted   during   the   course   of   the   year.   Minor   changes   as   change   of trainers   for   a   lesson   do   not   concern   the   students.   Therefore,   we   do   not   send   an   update   for   such   changes.   If   there are changes that concern our students, we e-mail a new version. The   current   version   of   the   training   plan   is   always   here.   Basically,   the   version   on   our   homepage   is   valid.   To   ensure that   you   have   the   most   up   to   date   version   of   the   training   plan   you   can   check   the   updated   date,   which   you   can   find below the title.