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Karate For Children
It   is   natural   that   parents   are   afraid   that   their   children   will   get   hurt   during   the   training   and   mistakenly   fear   that   Karate supports   aggressiveness.   We   can   assure   you   that,   due   to   the   discipline   that   we   demand   in   our   school,   no   random aggressive   behaviour   will   be   tolerated.   Risk   of   an   injury   is   low   as   we   have   clear   guidelines   for   the   training   lessons and apply a hands-on approach with all students.   Karate   can   essentially   influence   the   development   of   a   child. The   demanding   training   supports   the   building   of   muscles during   the   growth   period.   The   child   learns   to   cope   with   more   strenuous   physical   demands   and   will   develop   a   deeper concentration .   Those   who   practice   Karate   regularly   develop   better   and   quicker   reactions,   strengthen   motor   skills   and   have   a   more focused attention. The child learns the right techniques for self-defence with hands-on fights.   Children   also   learn,   through   partner   training,   about   fair   play.   In   sport   competition,   whether   through   weekly   training activities   or   semi-annual   belt   tests,   the   healthy   desire   for   success   will   be   stored   in   the   psyche   of   a   child. And,   last   but not least, Karate is a lot of fun!     At What Age Can I Start With Karate?   The minimum age is 6 years. You can start any time  with Karate.